The Food and Cooking of Russia & Poland – Elena Makhonko and Ewa Michalik

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The Food and Cooking of Russia & Poland - Elena Makhonko and Ewa Michalik

Explore the rich and varied cuisine of Eastern Europe in more than 150 classic step-by-step recipes illustrated with over 740 photographs. In this unique celebration of Russian and Polish food, a fascinating introduction provides an overview of national and regional differences, the festivals that mark the year, and the classic ingredients used in homes throughout the area. Following is a unique collection of recipes gathered from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south. With more than 740 beautiful photographs showing each recipe in step-by-step detail, this evocative and inspiring book captures the wonderful essence of Russian and Polish cooking, and enables the reader to create wonderfully authentic dishes in the home. Explore the rich and varied delights of traditional Russian and Polish cooking in over 150 authentic traditional recipes. It provides a comprehensive guide to the typical ingredients of the two countries, as well as information on geography, history, festivals and culinary traditions. It features a wide range of distinctive dishes as well as all the favourite Russian and Polish specialities such as Borscht, Bigos, Chicken Kiev, Pierogi, and Pashka. It includes more than 740 photographs with complete nutritional information provided for every recipe.