Legends of Jewish Cracow (English Version)

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Legends of Jewish Cracow - English Version

The poor vagabond who was in fact a great tzadik, the hated miser who turned out

to be a saint, the calculating non-kosher meat traders who managed to repent, the

wedding party ended by the wrath of God… In these stories, things are often not what

they seem, and everything is permeated by magic and mystery. The various legends

in this booklet are accompanied by comments that situate them in the tradition of Jewish

tales, and the magical atmosphere is helped along by surreal collage illustrations.

Legends of Jewish Krakow is a collection of beautiful stories about the history of places

and people, and at the same time a practical guide to both Krakow’s Kazimierz,

and Łobzów and Podgórze districts. Everywhere – even if only in legend – traces.

of Krakow’s Jews and their culture have been preserved.