Kosher Modern Gelia Hocherman Artur Boehm

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Kosher Modern Gelia Hocherman Artur Boehm

“Kosher is a set of rules, not a cuisine, and, as Geila Hocherman amply proves, you can be kosher and cook Chinese, French, Italian, Indian, New American–any cuisine in the world. With Geila’s `tool box’ and system, and with so many exotic ingredients getting kosher certifi cation, there’s no excuse for kosher cooks not to turn out interesting, even sophisticated, and, of course, very delicious meals every day and every holiday.” –Arthur Schwartz, author of Arthur Schwartz’s Jewish Home Cooking

“Having another creative kosher cookbook is a delight. An inspiring collection of classic recipes made kosher. There is something here for all tastes.” –Helen Nash, author of Kosher Cuisine

“Geila Hocherman’s exciting, modern kosher dishes and `revolutionary’ conversion method make cooking kosher better, easier, and more versatile than ever.” –Ming Tsai