‘Absent Yet Present in Jewish Krakow throughout the Holocaust’ (in Hebrew)

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'Absent Yet Present in Jewish Krakow throughout the Holocaust' (in Hebrew)

Into the small ghetto of Krakow thousands of Jews from the city and the surrounding area, a remnant of a magnificent community of six hundred years, were densely confined under severe decrees. The community organized itself in a short period of time, in the reality of terror,  and uncertainty to establish community institutions that would help, as much as possible, life inside the ghetto. This is how four hospitals were established and operated that, despite the conditions, maintained a high professional level, an orphanage, a day care center for children, workshops for professional training and other institutions whose essence was help and assistance. Among the Jews who were imprisoned in the ghetto, phenomena of heroism were discovered, when doctors did not abandon their patients, educators decided that their  fate would be the same as their students, and parents sacrificed  themselves for their children. Under the decrees, the youth movements also united into a militant underground, which operated uniquely when dealing with Jewish resistance in the Holocaust. These young people put aside their differences and formed a united front against the Nazi occupier. Their actions were one of the first, lasted for over a year and   concentrated in attacks against the perpetrators outside the ghetto borders, in their bases, and in places of residence and recreation of the Nazi Germans. It was a unique rebellion of approximately 150 young Jewish fighters, which lasted for over one year.
‘Absent Yet Present in Jewish Krakow throughout the Holocaust’ (in Hebrew) offers a fascinating tour of the world that was and is not anymore of traces that have remained in what was the Ghetto area, the story of the underground movements and the heroism of many.
This book comes with a handy, folding  and detached map which include 47 traces inside and out of the Ghetto area.